Purchasing Belize Real Estate
 What is the first step in purchasing property?
We have tried to keep it simple... Go to the Purchasing Instructions page on our website and follow the steps. Just fill out the Parcel Purchase Request Form and we will walk you through the process.
 How often is your website updated with current pricing and availability information?
The prices and availability information on our website are all up to date. Our website is updated as parcels are reserved and sold. For specific parcel availability, please contact us.
 Can foreigners purchase Belize real estate?
Yes, foreigners may purchase Belize real estate. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning real estate in Belize.  When purchasing you receive fee simple title just as a Belizean would.
 What is the size of each parcel?
Please visit the Master Plan page on our website and scroll down to the Parcels by Group section to view the various groups of parcels, which will show parcel dimensions and size in square feet.
 When do I receive the title?
If your purchase is without financing, after closing you will receive the original registered Land Certificate and a copy of the survey. If your purchase is financed, we will send you documentary evidence of your ownership of your parcel. Upon satisfaction of the mortgage (once the mortgage is paid off), a registered Land Certificate will be send to you.
 Can I contact the Belize Government about the properties on the island?
If you are looking for a relevant Government office in Belize, please contact the Belize Government Ministry of Lands, located in Belmopan (the Capital of Belize) at 011-501-822-2331. All records are public information and are easily accessible. When referring to the island, please be sure to refer to it as the island of Long Caye at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. In addition, you may get further feedback from the Department of the Environment in Belmopan at 011-501-822-2816 and the Land Utilization Authority in Belmopan at 011-501-822-3419. Both offices are very familiar with the development.

When purchasing you receive fee simple title to your parcel and your payment is held in escrow until closing takes place.

 What are the forms of payment?
We accept Cashier’s Checks or Certified Checks as forms of payment for deposits or down payments. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards as a deposit or down payment for a parcel. Monthly mortgage payments, if applicable, may be made with a personal check.
 How can I find out which parcels are available?
Please visit the Price List section of our website to find out which parcels are available.
 Can I visit the island before purchasing?
Yes, you are more than welcome and we encourage you to visit the island and view the properties at any time before purchasing. Please contact us so we can assist you in making arrangements.
 Who holds the parcel deposits?
Parcel deposits will be held in an attorney’s escrow account. Please click here to view the Purchasing Instructions section of our website for more details.
 Does the Parcel Purchase Agreement need to be notarized?
The Parcel Purchase Agreement does not have to be notarized. Only closing documents need to be notarized.
 May I take title to a parcel in a corporate name?
Yes, you may take title to a parcel in a corporate name.
 Is it easy to purchase property abroad?
Yes, it is very easy to purchase property abroad. The Government of Belize allows foreigners outside their country to own property in Belize. Visit the Purchasing Instructions section and then fill out the Parcel Purchase Request Form noting the parcel(s) of your choice, we will then confirm you parcel selection(s) and walk you through the process. All titles are fee simple and title transfer is registered with the Government of Belize.