General Island Information
May I visit the island?
Yes, you, your friends and family are welcome to visit the island at any time. If you are planning to visit the island in the next few months, let us know and we can assist you with your travel plans.
How do we get around on the island?
Other than walking, golf cart is the exclusive mode of transportation to get around on the island.
Where do we get supplies when on the island?
Groceries would be purchased either in Belize City or on Ambergris Caye and then brought to the island. Belize City’s prices are comparable or lower with the U.S., and Ambergris Caye may be about 10% higher.
Is there a school on Long Caye?
There are no schools on Long Caye.
Do all parcel owners have beach access?
Yes, all parcel owners on Long Caye will have free access to all beaches. There are easements throughout the island that allow all parcel owners to access and enjoy the beaches. Also, Belize law provides a setback requirement from where the water breaks to the edge of the first tier of parcels of approximately 66 feet.