Is there water, electricity and waste treatment on the Island?
As with most islands in the Caribbean water is harvested off roofs and stored in cisterns or generated with reverse osmosis systems, which convert sea water inexpensively to purified fresh drinking water. On Long Caye electricity may be generated for each residential dwelling with the use of solar power. Composting toilets and grey water holding tanks will be used to treat human waste and composting bins will be used for composted materials. Recyclables such as glass, metals and plastics will be picked up and brought back to the mainland where they will be disposed of properly. For more information see the Eco-Guidelines.
May I drive a car on the island?
No, because of the unique environmental features, the island's development does not allow parcel owners or visitors to drive cars on the island. Although the master plan provides 40 foot road reserves as required by the Government of Belize, the entire reserve will not be used. Instead the developer has built approximately 10 foot pathways within the 40 foot reserve for eco-trails wide enough to accommodate non-vehicular mobile units such as golf carts, etc.
What kind of paths/trails will there be around the island?
Most of the paths/trails around the Island will be sand, suitable and wide enough for golf cart-type travel. There will also be bridges and/or boardwalks constructed over water ways and low lying areas.
May I bring pets to the island?
No, domestic animals are not permitted on the island.